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Foam tape for long-lasting weatherproof sealing

EMJAY foam tapes are designed and manufactured to give you a permanent moisture and vapour seal that can weather the harsh elements.

An experienced tape supplier in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, we have suitable adhesives for various sealing and glazing requirements across multiple industries. Including but not limited to construction, transportation, marine, and electrical engineering.

In the home you can use our neoprene foam tape on furniture, fixtures, home equipment and fabric furnishings to mount, seal, repair and cushion. You can also use it to securely mount photo frames, mirrors and wall art, or apply it across the outside of the frame to prevent from damage.

Our foam gasket tapes offer high quality and automotive grade foam to take into a commercial setting for heavy-duty applications.

Why foam?

Our foam is closed cell and compact, meaning it comes with a high resistance to water, wind, chemicals, solvents and grease. You can also find foam that is fire retardant and is resistant to vibration, punctures, rips and tears. Additionally, the tapes are odourless and non-toxic.

As industry experts we provide the full specifications on every item we sell.

Foam tape on offer

  • Double sided foam – ideal for mounting mirrors, signs or provide a temporary hold while rivets and screws are being installed.
  • EPDM Rubber – protect your appliances and door frames from warpage or fix it.
  • Glazing tape – classically used for the primary seal between the glass and metal frame in domestic and commercial windows and window walls.
  • PE Foam – ideal for indoor use for shock and vibration absorption, cushioning, insulation, and sound or vibration dampening.
  • PVC Nitrile tape – useful for sealing and weatherproofing electrical switchboards, and outdoor or marine weather affected structures.
  • PVC tape – great for sealing and gasketing in commercial and domestic glazing applications, often used in automotive and marine weather settings.
  • Urethane Foam – an excellent choice for a light duty cushioning to dampen vibration. Also acts as a cost-effective dust and insect filter.

We’re sure you can connect you with the foam gasket tape you are looking for. If you are having trouble deciding or locating, contact one of our sales personnel. At EMJAY we understand adhesives, and we would be happy to give you the guidance so that you can get the application you need.