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Quality Bubble Wrap in Sydney and Melbourne

Excellent for its shock and vibration absorption. Made out of flexible plastic, with multiple little pockets of trapped air. Bubble Wrap is a convenient and effective solution for an array of protective purposes during shipping or moving.

Use it to cushion wrap furniture for a move or wrap it around fragile items before a delivery. Or you can place some bubble wrap in boxes or parcels to fill in voids to prevent rattling around. Reducing breakage and damage during the shipping cycle.

The possibilities don’t end there. With uses for bubble wrap like wrapping your knees to shield against harsh or dirty surfaces during labour like gardening, or insulating your pipes or windows. It’s a versatile material that makes a great resource to always have on hand.

At EMJAY Products we have an array of different types of bubble wrap. So that you can find a specialised wrap for your application, in Sydney and Melbourne. We also accept bulk order of bubble wrap at a wholesale rate.

Speciality bubble wraps

Anti-static bubble wrap – the ideal bubble wrap to protect electronic equipment or components from static electricity.

Metalised foil backed – effectively insulates the contents of your delivery, protecting temperature sensitive goods from changes in temperature.

Brown kraft paper backed – the ideal bubble wrap for furniture. The kraft paper backing delivers a more rigid wrap, that doesn’t sweat or leave marks on wood.

Foam backed – Designed to ensure no marking is left on sensitive surfaces like artwork and frames. Provides extra cushioning. Protects high gloss painted surfaces.

Enviro Bubble Green – Made with 15% recycled materials. A bubble wrap that makes a smaller environmental impact.

Void Fill Bubble Wrap – Especially designed to be used as void fill so that items don’t move, preventing damage in transit.

Three-layer bubble wrap – Three layers in the bubble wrap provide extra cushioning and durability.

All purpose bubble wrap

If you aren’t in need of a speciality purpose, try our all-purpose bubble wrap and boxed bubble wrap. Its great cushioning is a stable for deliveries and moves – but it can also be used to protect new plants from the cold or heat. When you’re done with it, it’s also fun and stress relieving to just pop!

Experts in Packaging

We have other bubble film products available, please contact our Sydney or Melbourne office so we can give you the best protection product for your items at wholesale price. Our salespeople at EMJAY Products come with years of experience in packaging and adhesives. More importantly, we’re only too happy to help. We’d also be happy to answer your call if you have any questions or concerns about bulk orders and your protective packaging needs.

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