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Designed to be applied as the primary seal between the glass and metal or wooden frame in windows, like the name ‘glaze’ implies. Our glazing tapes have also been designed to act as a spacer in structural silicone curtain wall applications.

Made from closed cell, compact PVC foam, our glazing tape bears remarkable resilience features against the weather and the elements. As well as providing a super strong seal.

The acrylic adhesive bond allows it to work seamlessly with stainless steel, glass, aluminium, painted metal and vinyl. Our adhesive is automotive grade, so you know you can use it for your car or other commercial vehicles.

EMJAY’s range of glazing tapes are compatible with most chemical cured silicone sealants, and can withstand chemicals, acids and solvents.

Glazing tape, like a lot of our foam tapes and other adhesives, are used often used commercially, in industries like transport, construction, and electrical engineering,



We can provide other sizes in terms of thickness, width and length upon request. As well as deliver a custom die cut glazing tape.

Here at EMJAY we are dedicated to delivering you quality tapes and adhesives. With our experience and expertise, we’re well placed to recommend to you what tapes or supplies you may need. If you would like some guidance to ensure you have the ideal product for the best application possible, feel free to get in touch. We may also be able to provide you with a discount, if you order in bulk. So please also let us know if you are planning to buy a big supply.

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The technical way of saying installing windows. Glazing tape connects the edges of the glass to the wooden or metal frame. 

If after you peel off the tape residue remains you can use a putty knife cut or olive oil and a paper towel or sponge (non-abrasive side) to rub off the remains.

3-15 depending on the quality of the window