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Bubble Mailer Bag

Light weight and armoured, EMJAY bubble mailer bags offer a convenient shipping solution for mailing small and delicate items at wholesale price.

The ‘armour’ protection is made from 10mm bubbles within the bag. They provide an extra cushioning to the product to help protect them in transit. The extra thickness also protects the contents inside from tears and scratches.

The flap and adhesive on the end of each bubble mailer bag makes it easy to close and seal. Its lightweight properties save on shipping costs, allowing you to offer a more competitive price to your customers. Their thin form also means that they will save you space in storage, helping you cut back from clutter.

EMJAY bubble mailer bags can be your business’ quick mailing solution for your goods, for your shipping needs. Take your online business to the next level today.


Possible applications

Custom make a bubble mailer bag suited to you

Set yourself apart with a mailer bag printed with your brand’s logo and design. Also tailored to your size specifications so that you can have a large quantity for your product for perfect packaging every time.

More than 15 years in packaging

At Emjay Product, we’re experts in packaging and adhesives. Most importantly, we love to help. If you’re having any doubts or concerns choosing your perfect packaging for your products, please call us today. We have offices based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the best product for your packing needs as possible.

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