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Tenacious Adhesive & Butyl Tape

Our professional range of tenacious tape and butyl tape are a reliable resource for a wide range of applications.

A high-quality adhesive tape will help to secure your items if you are relocating your home or business. It can also become a part of your adhesive applications, if your business regularly ships fragile goods.

It can be easy to miss the factors that might harm your packaging in the delivery, especially with smaller items. Such as rising or dropping temperature, if it becomes damp in the vehicle or storage room, or any unexpected jerks or shakes in commute.

It is critical that the adhesive tape you select is reliable and sturdy enough to withstand these unexpected conditions. So that the packaging and items inside remain intact, and in fine condition.

Our high quality adhesive tapes, silicone, tenacious tape and butyl tape will help see your sealing and weatherproofing needs met. So you can rest assured that your goods are transported safely, and securely.


Our tenacious tapes deliver ultra-strong repair applications in nylon, ripstop nylon and clear that work great on outdoor fabric gear like tents and jackets. It is also washable and will remain bonded through rain and storm. Allow 24 hours after application beforehand, for this effect.

Tenacious tape works well on the following materials: nylon, polyester, vinyl, canvas, rubber, PU leather, non-oiled leather, vinyl plastic (PVC), TPU, EVA plastic, PET plastic, OPP plastic, Sunbrella and WINDSTOPPER.

Butyl tapes is an excellent sealant, largely known for how effectively it can repair a roof and get rid of leaks when your roof cracks. Like a lot of our range, it can be used for multiple applications. Butyl tape also works well with cladding or connecting and sealing insulation.

Neoprene foam is specifically suitable for a range of different transport applications with its high resistance to oil and petrol. It has also been greatly seen in electrical insulation, construction, and engineering.

Find an adhesive solution for you 

Our tapes come in both hand and machine grades, as well as in different materials, thickness, lengths, colours and sizes. Please contact us with your requirement if you would like any assistance, and we will gladly identify a tape solution for you.

Our sales personnel at EMJAY are vastly experienced in the tape and packaging industry. We can recommend an adhesive tape fit for the purpose that best suits your application. Giving you premium performance at a reasonable price.