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Custom Printed Tape to promote your brand

Printed packaging tape is an effective and easy way to promote your business and make it stand out from competitors.

Typically, it is used to produce tape with warnings or instructions like ‘fragile,’ ‘top load only’ or ‘handle with care’.

But it can also be used for promoting, advertising, coding, and security sealing.

Your business’s special touch, in a tape

A printed packaging tape made with the colour, personality and logo of your business looks great. And it can be made to be informative with your company’s website, phone number, address and promotional message.

Include instructional information on your tape for certain products and items, for your staff or customers, to help reduce damage or product returns by sharing an item proper use or handling advice for the packaging.

Also, what’s stopping you from using a tape that combines your warning, handle with care, or fragile tape with your company information?
Save yourself time, money and the use of more tape by combining your marketing, instructional and securing needs.

At EMJAY Products, our custom printing is mostly done on PVC or Polypropylene tape. But we also can print your messages on a variety of other tapes, like filament and masking tapes.

All the colours of the rainbow

Generally, the colour schemes are either red printed on White or black print on fluro orange but we have a wide range of options.

Our custom printed tape is available in all colours – and can cleanly and professionally print all 5 colours at once. While we put 45mm is listed as the width of our printed tape on our website to deliver a roll size that works well for hand and machine use, we are able to provide you with other sizes on request.

Serving large business and small

Whatever the size of your company – small business to a large corporate enterprise, we can accommodate your order. If it’s small as one carton to large pallets. Our custom printed packaging tape can be made for hand application, dispensers or machinery.

We’re also able to print 1000m rolls to be used with an automatic carton sealing machine.

Enquire now with our Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane offices about your requirements and we can start the ball rolling. Our trained and professional will walk you through the process to get the best value out of your custom print tape.

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