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PVC Foam Tape

PVC foam tape is ideal for commercial applications that need to withstand tough conditions. When compressed to 30% thickness, the foam seals out air, condensation, vibration, light and dust.

Compressible and flexible, it makes a great adhesive to use in applications to seal, gasket, glaze and fill in gaps in commercial and domestic settings.

PVC foam tape effectively conforms to weird angles, tight curves and uneven surface. With high elasticity and resilience, PVC foam makes a tough tape.

Its automotive grade acrylic adhesive works with most materials and surfaces. With its low compression requirements it becomes an ideal solution for sealing structures that require some delicacy like windows, gutters and tanks. Made UV resistant for indoor or outdoor use.

In commercial settings it is often used in automotive, building, industrial, marine vessels, constructions and in other applications. It is often used to seal roof curb, roof-mounted air handlers and access panels.

Many are using PVC foam tape as a solution for cushioning furniture or furnishings, and vibration dampening, and sound deadening.

A seal for many surfaces

Benefits :

A tape for you

Our PVC foam tape comes in different densities, which enables you to specially choose a PVC that fulfills your needs.

Low-density foam is best for weather stripping, and replaces polyurethane foam gaskets inexpensively.

Medium-density foam is the best in terms of strength, endurance, and resistance.

High-density foam is the ideal solution if you want a high level of cushioning and internal strength.

Experts in adhesives

We’re sure you can help you find the tape you’re after. If you are having any concerns about the requirements for your applications, call us today to get connected with our talented sales personnel. At EMJAY we understand adhesives, and we would be happy to give you the guidance so that you can get the application you need.

Like our other foam tapes the thickness of PVC foam tape available ranges from-1.6, 3.2, 4.8, 6.4, and 19mm.

For a greater customization to suit your application needs, contact us today to talk to us about creating a die cut PVC tape that fits your specifications or find out more about the service here.

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