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Double Sided Foam Glazing Tape

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Double Sided Glazing Tape for windows

With two adhesive sides, the double sided glazing tape offers a creative and easy solution to window glazing.

We supply quality, durable tapes we know you will be satisfied with, across our entire foam tape range.

Glazing tape connects the edge of the window glass to wood, vinyl, PVC and metal window systems window frame. Its acrylic adhesive bond is what makes it compatible with a wide range of surfaces.

Our window glazing tape offers an ultra-strong adherence, and resistance against wind, rain, rising and dropping temperatures. When compressed to 30% thick formats window glazing tape provides a great dustproof and weatherproof seal, ensuring nothing slips between the window and frame. While also inhibiting condensation on windows.

The glazing tape works on smooth and irregular surfaces and because it’s UV and Ozone resistant, it works great both indoors and outdoors. It is compatible as a roof sealant for commercial metal buildings, and for gasketing between pipes and duct sections.

Stay comfortable indoors

The low thermal conductive nature of the tape also helps reduce heat transfer, helping you achieve a comfortable temperature indoors.
In transport, and other high movement areas, the double sided window glazing tape dampens vibrations between the window frame and cladding. Resistant to fungi and oxidation, you can also be sure that the double sided window glazing tape will last long in prime condition. No yellowing or rotting away.

Ease of use

It doesn’t require any mixing or special equipment to apply, making it a great alternative to putty or other traditional methods to provide glazing.

For the best adhesion ensure that the surface is dry, clean and free of grease and contamination. Accordingly, try to position the tape precisely. Adhesion itself is very quick and grows over 24 hours.

Benefits :



EMJAY Products can slit to any size from 6mm wide to 1270mm, or be cut die-cut to suit any window design. Die cutting double sided glazing tape allows you a custom application for your business. And it can open up new versatile options to look after your windows, pipes and roof.

For more information or to be connected with one of our foam tape experts to talk you through you application needs, please contact us.

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