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Best Quality Masking Tape in Australia

Masking tape, scotch tape or painter tape is a pressure sensitive tape made from paper. Easy to tear, it is an ideal adhesive for cheap, lightweight and light-duty applications.

Just like the name ‘painter tape’ implies, it’s widely used in painting to mask off areas for a clean and professional paint job.

Smooth, conformable, easy to use and handle. Correctly applying masking tape allows it to be easily removed without damaging the surface of application or leaving residue. Because it is easy to tear you don’t need a cutting tool to deal with it.

Masking tape is used also in automobile, building, construction, aerospace, and general business.

But it also has wider applications, for sealing, holding, and bundling for at home.

Five smart ways to use masking tape

General and specialty masking tape

At EMJAY, we have a range of different masking tapes for our residents in Australia to specialize in different uses.

General purpose masking tape – for general use and a shorter use mask

7 day masking tape – this tape is great for visibility with its bright colour, and along with its durability, its perfect for high demand paint applications

60 day masking tape – with its ultra fine Japanese paper backing it lasts for 60 days, and can endure outdoor conditions. Gives a low profile edge to paint finish, making it perfect for fineline masking.

General masking tape should be left on for no longer than 3-4 hours. High Temperature masking tape can withstand temperatures ranging from 60-100 degrees celsius for a time ranging from 30-60 minutes. Outdoor U/V masking tapes come in 7, 14- and 21-day grades.

Dedicated to finding you the perfect adhesive solution

Our salespeople at EMJAY Products come with years of experience and expertise in the packaging and tape industry. We are well able to walk you through your adhesive needs whether it is sealing, bonding, repairing, weatherproofing or mounting. If you need any help or recommendations to acquire the ideal adhesive for your application please feel free to contact us. We can provide discounts on bulk orders and we might be able to provide you with a wholesale price.

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