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Stretch Wrap Machines 

Stretch wrap machines use tension and stretch to bundle plastic film around pallets. When pallets are wrapped, and goods are secured together the load becomes ready to be safely moved and organized. The goods do not fall and so neither the worker nor the items get damaged in handling. It also safeguards exports in travel. 

With a stretch wrap machine, you can work faster and more effectively. You can choose a machine to match your output needs from our selection, as we tell you much they can process in a day. Whether it is up to 30 pallets a day or over.

Save yourself money, as well as saving yourself strain and tension in the hands, and lower back. 

At EMJAY Products, our stretch wrap machines and stretch wrap efficiency will save you material costs in each pallet wrapped. While also cutting down on waste. All our stretch wrap machines come with a 12-month warranty. 

Choose the right machine for you

Semi Automatic – Entry level stretch wrap machine, for wrapping up to 30 pallets a day

Power Pre Stretch Pallet Wrapper – Suitable for companies wrapping above 30 pallets a day

Auto Film Attach – Top of the range semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine. Its auto attach and cut function lets you wrap pallets without leaving behind the forklift.

Wide range of quality wraps

At EMJAY, our stretch wrap is specifically manufactured with quality blends of resin in both our hand and machine use range. The wrap has a high-quality machine stretch to allow a bigger yield from every EMJAY stretch wrap roll. Without any compromise on stability. Besides hand and machine rolls, we have stretch films for bundling, blown films, stretch tape and ventilated films. Our wraps are available in black and clear, with high clarity to identify items and barcode scans. 

Use our expertise to find the perfect wrap solution

Our team at EMJAY is passionate about helping you run your business efficiency with our packing supplies. Call us for a no obligation, free on-site audit of the current wrapping processes at your workplace. We can give you a specific look at what best suits your equipment or application. We have usually saved our customers between 20-30% spent on films. Our experienced sales technicians’ knowledge and technologically advanced films are here to help – use our expertise today. 

We stock market leading stretch wrap machines and wrap consumables. We have offices based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

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