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Polyester double sided and VHB tapes

At Emjay our double-sided tapes and 3M VHB tapes offer great adhesive solutions for mounting or holding up temporary fixtures.

These heavy duty tapes apply a high tack, permanent hold that can be cleanly reversed with the right solution. You can hang pictures, put up mirrors or attach a carpet to a floor if you’re renting or have a temporary mode of business.

Making an easy, clean and convenient alternative to hammer and nails. Our range comes in black, white, clear and gray. With a great selection of widths and lengths.

Double sided tape

We have a range of double sided tape that can offer great adhesion to paper, plastic, cardboard and metal. It makes an effective way of attaching or bonding objects together. As the name suggests it has two sticky sides.

Adhesive tapes consist of various functional layers

  • Backing – polyester with great shock absorption and stress distribution to protect your bond
  • Liner – to prevent the adhesive component from sticking somewhere unwanted
  • Adhesive – all our doubled sided polyester tapes come with great tack for lightweight materials, as well as metal and plastic

3m VHB tape

The 3m VHB tape is the ultimate in tape bonding strength, in Australia for over 30 years. Its strength is easily captured by its name, VHB – very high bond tape.

Worldwide, industries have been using 3M VHB tapes’ ultra-strong bonding power in moving and still loads. Its Viscoelastic properties that prevent stress and shock, deliver an industrial bond that removes the need for mechanical fastening.

For the best application, clean the surface with a solvent cleaner, and dry and scourge the surface to provide a rougher surface for the tape to cling to. Creating an even tighter heavy duty bond.

3M VHB Tapes creates flexible instant bonding. Dampens vibration and noise dampening. And provides a watertight seal that will protect against moisture.

Experts in the industry

Emjay has over 15 years of experience in adhesives and packaging. Our trained and professional staff are well placed to help guide you in reaching your adhesive supply needs. If you would like some more information to ensure you can achieve the best application, call one of our locations. We’re based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We provide discounts on larger quantities, and might be able to offer you a wholesale price point. We’re also able to diecut our tapes for gaskets, find out more about that here.