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Pallet Wrapping Machine Services

Emjay Products offers repairs and services for pallet wrapping machines to keep your machine working in its best possible condition.
It is important when you employ industrial machinery and equipment in your operations, that you make sure that they are well looked after. So that the processes continue to run, not just well, but at utmost efficiently. While assuring the long life of your machine!
We have a range of services available to help look after your pallet wrapping machinery. So, contact Emjay Products if you require assistance with:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Installation pallet wrapping machine services
  • Pallet wrapping machine set up services
  • Providing spare or replacement parts

Pallet Wrapping Machine Repair
If you are finding that your pallet wrapping machine is not working as it usually does. Or has signs of corrosion, exhaust or is no longer runs smoothly. You need a pallet wrapping machine repair service.
Fortunately, our team can be there swiftly to help you out!
We will rectify any damage present so that your pallet wrapping machine to work at its best again. Allowing your warehouse and workers to operate optimally as well.
Get Access to the best Stretch Machines in no time!
If getting a machine is key in your operations but you’re hesitant about a big sum, our team can help you with some flexibility.
We encourage you to get in touch to hear about what flexible payment options we have available. So that you can discover what pallet wrapping machine may work best for you!
Wide range of quality wraps – Plastic Wrap for Pallets
The right plastic wrap for your pallets!
Find the right plastic wrap for your products and pallets, from our list below:

  • Machine Films
  • Clear – Clear machine plastic pallet wrap allows you to easily identify packages and items in the pallet. Our machine stretch wrap has a strong puncture resistance to prevent tears from the sharp edges of packaging. The elasticity of the roll allows an efficient pallet wrapping process. It’s great for using less materials and better tracking your usage.
  • Black – Black machine plastic pallet wrap is often a decisive choice for those that don’t want others to easily see and identify packages. Allowing a greater use and promise of privacy, as well as deterrent to theft. It can also be an important feature in protecting goods from UV rays.
  • Spiral Films – Another strong plastic pallet wrap for machinery; spiral films are designed to keep long extrusion together with an efficient force.

Pallet Covers
Try a pallet cover – pallets caps or bags.
It is important to have a solution to keep palletised products dry and dust free.
Both are designed to fit with standard pallet sizes, our pallet covers provide a quick but temporary pallet covering. While they don’t offer the strength to hold your goods together, they play an important temporary role in protecting your packaging.

  • Pallet caps
    Pallet caps are plastic films for pallets, made with a HDPE or LDPE film that fits over the top of a pallet. While it doesn’t cover the whole pallet, it covers the area where most contaminants normally settle. It is a simple way to help prevent pilfering, wet items, or dust. Available in clear and black.
  • Pallet bags
    Larger for more full coverage, our pallet bags are a simple pallet cover that helps quickly water- and dust-proof an entire pallet. These pallet covers are available only in clear and are well suited for easy product identification.

Need any assistance?
We have offices based in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Get in touch with our sales staff on 1300 8090 93 or write up an email on!