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Cardboard cartons are exhaustively used in shipping, warehouses and removal, to bundle items and safeguard the quality of your goods. Browse our range of competitive high-quality range of cardboard cartons and cardboard corner protectors for your warehouse needs. Our Emjay locations allow you to order from around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Fast and convenient packaging

We have plain A3 and A4 cartons available at your immediate convenience. These are common sizes in industry for moving and deliveries, to properly fit around your goods. So you can get the best value out of your shipment and reduce costs.

Tailored business solutions

We can also make cardboard boxes to any size or board grade to suit any need. Like our other packaging and adhesives, we strive to deliver custom solutions for you and your business.

Emjay can manufacture a box with your own unique:

Which gives you a box that makes an immediate impact with its branding. With small runs, you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is.

Cardboard protection for your good and packaging

Cardboard corner protectors are made from recycled cardboard. They are used to protect the goods being shipped by reinforcing packaging. Giving the maximum tightness without damaging the edges. We also offer a waterproof range that protects edges from low temperature and moisture for freezer type environments.

Plastic edge protectors are often used with cardboard cartons as strapping guards to stop the straps from cutting and damaging goods. They have ridges to hold the strap in place, so they do not move around during delivery.

Corner protectors come in standard sizes, but like our cartons can also be made to specific sizes. To further protect your good while they are in transit look into our loose fill void fill or some of our other void fill options.

Experts in Packaging

Whether your business is established, expanding or is just starting up, you need the right quality materials to manage your shipping The rapid growth of the digital marketplace means you can sell goods to anyone around the world. Have a good quantity of your own custom boxes on hand so your packaging supplies are always ready to set you apart. Contact one of our Emjay locations at Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane today with your enquiry. We would be only too happy to help you find your perfect packaging solution.