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Wholesale Packaging Boxes in Sydney
Emjay Products provides a range of wholesale packing and packaging boxes to deliver great value for your packing needs. With over 200 years of collective experience in the packing industry, our sales staff are best placed to help you with the best packaging solutions.

Our team at Emjay are able to tailor custom packaging boxes for you. Fitting the requirements of your products. So, you can move, ship and unload packages securely with confidence! So why should you buy your boxes at Emjay Products?

So why should you buy your boxes at Emjay Products?

Wholesale Packing Boxes
We provide packing and packaging boxes for wholesale in Sydney. Buying your packing boxes for wholesale lets you get a great value for a lower cost.
Our sales staff at Emjay Products will be happy to help you out with attractive discounts for large quantity orders.

Versatile Standard Sizes in Packing Boxes
Our wholesale packaging boxes are offered in standard sizes. Available for immediate orders and quick dispatch.
They offer a great dimensional size and shape for versatile use for a wide array of items. Of course, it is not all that Emjay offers.

Custom Sizes in Packaging Boxes
In addition to our standard sizes, our team can also custom make wholesale packaging boxes to your specifications. So that you can get just the right package to deliver products without the extra threat of damage caused by jostling or other types of movement.

Customise Board Grade in Packing Boxes
We understand how important it is to attain the right packaging, when you are buying shipping materials for your products. When you want a specific solution for durability or for less waste you can count on our specialists to help. We can assist you in creating cartons with the right board grade to suit your products and other requirements.

Packaging Supplies and Accessories in Sydney
In addition to our wholesale packaging boxes in Sydney, we have a range of tape, stretch films, straps, and protective packaging to help aid the process.

Packaging tape – We have a range of packaging tape that caters to different types of applications and use. Available for both hand and machine use. You can find packaging tape specialised to hot and cold climates, as well as for recycled cardboard and more.

Stretch Films – Our stretch wrap and films are suitable for both machine and hand use. Available in different formats, our range provides excellent options for wrapping sharper edges, bundling long objects, and securing your products.

Strapping – Strapping is an ideal solution to secure uniform packages to a pallet, or binding items together. Emjay has a wide range in polypropylene, polyester, steel, composite, and woven straps to fulfill the strapping needs of different products.

Protective Packaging – It is important to secure fragile or oddly shaped items, so that they don’t get damaged during transportation. Emjay has a wide suite of choices in protective packaging from bubble bags, bubble wrap, void fill and more. Additionally, we have void fill machines to assist you with providing a layer of protection inside your box.

Why Buy Your Packaging Boxes at Emjay Products?

1. Great Wholesale Pricing
2. Over 200 years of packaging industry experience in our sales team
3. A large suite of quality packaging products
4. Quality Customisation Services

Need any assistance? Get in touch with us today on 1300 80 90 93 or email sales@emjayproducts.com.au!

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