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Coloured Packaging Tape for Categorised Packing

Our coloured packaging tape, made for machine applications, is suitable for marking, sealing or general adhesion with most materials.

Coloured PVC packing tape is great for colour coding your items, floors, packaging, and containers. The tape stands out with its bright visibility. So you can be sure that the rest of your staff will be able to see it to locate items.

The PVC material of the tape also makes it suitable for electrical and pipe use.

Colour Coding

Colour coding is especially used in medicine and food industries.
Coloured packaging tape gives you a quick and easy option to display the category of a type of product.

When done correctly, this organisation process helps you instantly locate and access the limitations or parameters with your product. So you can keep a better track of storage temperature, fragility, shelf life and location.

It’s also often used by butchers to separate meat and animal-based products from vegetarian foods. Or to distinguish the tools used in preparing the different types of food, to keep them separate.

Categorization helps this segregation that not only cuts down on cross-contamination, but gives your organisation or business a professional, organized touch.

Tamper Evident

Using coloured tape in packaging can also help you determine whether a package has been tampered with, ensuring the integrity of your products. When a person has tampered with a colour taped carton, it’s less likely they have the same colour tape to make the repair. Making a new tape addition during transit more evident.

The right tape for you

Whether you are looking for colour coding and product identification applications, carton sealing purposes, or general warehouse packaging – EMJAY’s colour packaging tape has got you covered.

Our coloured PVC and polypropylene tape also prevents chemicals from creeping under the seal and causing damage to goods with its natural rubber adhesive and high tack edge seal.

Our coloured packaging tape comes in black, yellow, red, orange, green, blue & white tape.

If you would like a coloured tape that is more tailored to dealing with electrical wiring, please read more here.

Here to help

At EMJAY Products we come with years of experience in this industry and we are more than happy to help you out if you have any questions or concerns about your application. If you would like any help or recommendations, or want to look into purchasing a bulk order please contact us. We provide discounts on bulk orders.

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