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Stretch Wrap & Films

Our range of stretch wraps and films are here to see that you can wrap, deliver and store your pallets effectively. We have a lot of options, differing in specialties. We’re sure you will find what you are looking for at a wholesale price.

Stretch wraps and Shrink wraps are used to wrap around goods and other boxes on a pallet. So that the load is tightly bundled, secure and ready for transportation. At Emjay, our stretch wrap and shrink wrap is made with high quality blends of resin, in both our hand and machine application stretch wraps. So you can be sure you’re getting a great product.

Our wide range of films

Blown films – A strong film that’s able to handle sharp edged products and heavy pallets. Its high strength helps you keep track of how much plastic you need for each wrap, so you can save on materials and costs.

Bundling films – Used for bundling items long or round items together, and sticks to itself instead of the item being bundled.

Hand stretch wrap – A film wrap for hand application with a low elongation requirement for an effective, user-friendly use. A silent and high-performance application made with the latest in resin technology for a reliable wrap every time. Available in clear and black. Each colour film has high clarity to easily identify items.

Machine Stretch – A film wrap for machine application. Designed to work with all types of wrapping machines, and its strength makes it resistant to punctures and sharp edges. High quality, so you can get more pallets wrapped out of every Emjay roll without compromising on load stability. Also available in clear and black.

Spiral Wrap – Pre-stretched, compatible with all semi and automatic pallet wrappers, and silent to apply.

Related accessories and similar products

Stretch Dispensers – Suits all hand films, reduces tension on the back and prevents work injuries.

Stretch Machines – Increase your efficiency and help cut down on intensive labour as well as physically bending.

Stretch Tape – Used for shipping fresh food pallets, to allow food to breathe. A solution that has less wasted materials than classic stretch film.

Ventilated Films – Allows air to flow in and out, to easily cool products that could otherwise grow hot during storage or transit.

Dedicated to help you cut down on costs

Call us to arrange a site audit to take advantage of our experienced sales technicians’ knowledge and technologically advanced films. EMJAY will provide you a package with a free, no obligation site audit of your current wrap processes. We’ll offer you a gauge of what films best suit your equipment or application at a wholesale price.. We’ve saved our customers between 20-30%, from changing the films they’re currently using.