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Double sided foam tape

EMJAY has a wide range of tapes in its arsenal – our high-quality double-sided foam tapes offer a greater versatility and user-friendly application to professional finish applications.

Foam tape is naturally strong and resistant to a great deal of the elements: wind, rain, air and ozone, when used in a 30% compressed thickness. Additionally, it is resistant to vibration, wear and tear, and can be used to insulate or dampen the sound in a room.

Our polyethylene foam tape (otherwise known as PE foam tape), and PVC tape both deliver strong sealing, gasketing, bonding and dampening applications but with a double sided adhesive the tape has greater possibilities combining different materials or surfaces together.

Especially, when also keeping in mind its extra strong hold on smooth and irregular surfaces, curves and angles.

EMJAY’s automotive acrylic adhesive in all our foam tape ensures that it can adhere to almost any surface.

Double sided foam tape is an ideal solution in mounting items to surfaces like signs, pictures or mirrors to walls. Similarly, it can hold up some structures temporarily while they are being attached with rivets or screws.

Its uses can cut down on raw material used in construction; something that’s both good for your wallet and the environment.



Ensure you have the ideal solution

Die cut double sided tape is an ideal solution for name plate mounting applications or an even easier go to application for industry use. Get a polyethylene foam tape or PVC tape cut for your convenience.

For more information about how we can connect you with a tape that is tailored to your application needs please go here.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we believe we are well placed to help guide you in reaching your adhesive supply needs. If you would like some recommendations so you can get the most out of your adhesives or the best application possible, feel free to contact us today. We’re also able to provide discounts on bulk orders and might be able to connect you with a wholesale price.

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