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Bubble Bags

Online business is skyrocketing. You need to be ready. Set your business ready for success with a convenient protective packaging solution for your spare parts, jewelry, and fragile items.

Bubble bags’ cushioning will protect against shock, vibrations and damage during delivery.

They also are a great go-to resource for your small and loose items around the house. A cheaper simpler solution to a box. They are easy to reuse, or otherwise fun to pop.

At Emjay Products, we have bags in common sizes, or we can tailor make them to suit your needs to meet your exact specifications at a wholesale rate. We can even print on images or colour.

Bubble wrap’s origin story

The creation of bubble wrap actually came from an accident. Two engineers – Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, were on a mission to create a three-dimensional wallpaper. They failed. But what they did come up with was the versatile, widely used material we have today. Bubble Wrap is a plastic (polyethylene) cushioning material with multiple air chambers. With additional materials for backing, it has a specialised use for a great number of things.

Features and benefits

A wide use of industries and applications

Bubble bags has a lot of applications in bagging and protecting, especially when it comes to loose or small items:

They can also offer a perfect solution to organising safe and protective storage. So that your items do not get affected by dust, moisture, or insects. You can wrap purses, shoes, and books up before you place them in boxes or drawers.

Experts in Packing and Packaging

At EMJAY, we have 15 years of experience in the packing industry as packaging bags suppliers. Our professional and friendly team are devoted to helping our customers get connected with ideal tapes and packaging solutions.

If you have an inquiry, want to know more about making a bubble bag tailored to you or would like to make a large order, contact us today. We have offices based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Take a look at our bubble wrap if you are looking to get your hands on a more versatile wrapping solution, for bigger items. Also browse our bubble mailer bags for conveniently addressed mailed deliveries. Alternatively, browse our wider range of protective packaging.

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