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Weather and shake proof your packaging

EPDM foam tape is used classically for adhesive solutions that demand endurance through tough conditions.

This type of foam tape adheres to a broad range of surfaces like, but not limited to: wood, plastics and metals. It’s made for internal and external use on applications where moisture and vibration is inevitable, or necessary.

It works as a cost-effective alternative to screws, staples, bolts, rivets, and liquid adhesives because it bonds so quickly. It has been especially designed to work with irregular surfaces and angles, and it doesn’t get affected by ultraviolet light.

Protection from rain and cold

EPDM foam tape and rubber work well as a weatherproofing solution for your appliances. Heat in a boiler room can warp an instrument board. A sudden cold snap can bend or distort electrical cupboards, or influence the effectiveness of an adhesive on metal when it shrinks, or grows.

However, EPDM tapes are largely immune to temperature fluctuations, and will continue to hold even when other things don’t.

It is what EPDM is designed to do. It’s used commonly as a material for rainproof roofing because of how it effectively seals, insulates and weatherproofs.

Protect against or fix warping

Apply EPDM rubber foam to breaks or warps in vehicles, electrical equipment, or electrical run gear as a sealant or to act as insulation.

Even if you install EPDM foam tape after a door frame has warped, the foam will expand or compress all along the length to help compensate for the distortions.

Length, thickness and sizes

Perfect for cushioning, sealing and damping, our EDPM foam tape comes in different lengths and thickness for your convenience so you can categorize your collection based on specific uses.

Get strips that conform and work with the shape of your control panel. EPDM will also work effectively with applications to curved surfaces. The press-and-stick film will adhere with an aggressively strong hold.

You can also cut the tape to any size or shape to use as padding for furniture ends, for example.

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EPDM is an abbreviation for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, a synthetic rubber with a wide use of applications, especially in the automotive and construction industry.

Yes. EPDM is a synthetic rubber that is wholly weather and UV resistant, because of its extreme elasticity.

A sturdy material: a roof made out of EPDM can last 50 years or longer with minimal attention.