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One of the leading packaging tape suppliers in Sydney

At EMJAY products we offer a range of packing tape in different sizes, materials and special features for hand and machine use.

Our range of packaging tapes suit most applications. They are mostly used for carton sealing with differing adhesives to best suit cardboard, plastics, light or heavy materials.

EMJAY Products has our own tape brand called our own private packing tape brand ‘WebTape’ based and offered in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. It comes in natural rubber, hot melt and acrylic.

Find the right tape for your application

Web Acrylic Packaging Tape – Our quality acrylic tape delivers a high level of clarity and quiet unwind. It is economy grade for carton and bag sealing, and can be used on paper, plastic and cardboard.

Web Hot-Melt Packaging Tape – With a hot melt rubber based adhesive, it is ideal for applications in mild to hot temperature application settings. Great for paper and cardboard. Perfect for machine applied tapes.

Web Premium Rubber Packaging Tape – Made with premium natural rubber, it’s the best tape to use for recycled cardboards. Also works well in freezer and cool room settings. Italian made.

Vibac Packaging tape – Made with natural rubber adhesives, it provides an ultra strong hold.

Web Freezer Tape – The best packing tape to use in cold temperature settings.

If you have any questions or concerns about what you might require. Our staff at EMJAY have years of experience under our belt to guide you and give you recommendations. Please also contact us if you are looking to bulk order, and we can connect you with a better price.

For a fast and efficient application for continued use also consider purchasing one of our tape dispensers, find more here.

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Duct tape doesn’t work well with cardboard and isn’t as strong or rigid as packing tape. To ensure your items remain secure and intact with your packaging, we recommend always using packing tape for packing.

While duct tape forms a strong seal and moves with whatever you’re sealing, packaging tape is rigid, and is very resistant to force and won’t EMJAY. It makes it a prime adhesive for packing.

With the right application, packing tape can last up to 10 years.