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Banding and Strapping Supplies

Use banding and strapping supplies to secure products, by bundling them or strapping them to pallets. Reducing damage in transit or warehouse, minimising the handling of cardboard cartons and cutting shipping costs.

To strap or not to strap?

If you are deciding whether you need to use straps in your packaging – ask yourself how heavy your items are. Consider if they are being transported loose or on pallets.

If you suspect your goods won’t be handled correctly or if there is enough opportunity for them to jostle; banding and strapping supplies can be a great resource for your packaging.


There are chiefly three main materials used for strapping, each having their own tailored benefits: polypropylene, polyester and steel. Bands or straps come in different wounds.

Our wide range of quality straps

We offer warranty on all machinery, and their parts and services for up to 3 years. We can provide payment options from an upfront purchase, hire purchase, rent or loan. Contact our team for more.

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