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Void Fill-Loose Fill

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Void Fill Packaging to protect your goods in transit

In most packaging there is empty space. And when items of irregular shapes are being shipped, or goods in limited quantities, the space can be impossible to take up on their own.

That’s where void fill packaging comes in.

Where the detrimental empty space allows items to bounce around and get damaged or cause damage to packaging. Void fill fills in the gaps and corners. So goods are safe and cushioned during delivery. Reducing damage, costly product returns and re-shipping.

We have a range of void fill packaging supplies in different formats: pillows, void fill paper and loose fill.

Our team at EMJAY Products has a selection of void fill to aid your export or delivery needs.

Find a solution that fits you

PILLOWS – Plastic that is filled with air creating a small balloon or pillow. It can be easily popped and disposed of with any plastic recycle container after delivery. Comes in three sizes.

Void Fill Paper Packaging has versatility in filling voids. Whether it is just filling in space in the box or using specific void fill paper packaging to wrap around and cushion products. Special void fill paper pads can also be used to fill the smaller voids inside large shipping boxes and other interior boxes.

LOOSE FILL– Commonly used for cushioning around products to provide superior shock absorption. It’s also a popular option as it’s 100% biodegradable, compostable, as well as odour, dust and static free. An economic low waste option, that you can reuse multiple times.

Made from corn starch, our loose fill at EMJAY is environmentally friendly, and dissolves in water. The lightweight quality of the material will also help reduce your freight costs. Can be custom printed with PMS matching – minimum order quantities apply.

Try before you buy

FREE TRIALS – Emjay Products offers customers a free trial of both the void fill paper and pillow systems. Identify savings and gains of productivity for your business by contacting us today. We deliver to metro Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

With over 15 years of experience, EMJAY’s team members are well placed to recommend the supplies you may need for your packaging. Get in touch with us today, if you need any guidance to ensure you have the ideal product for your deliveries. We’re happy to help.

If you’re looking to speed up your protective packing process with commercial efficiency, also take a look at our void fill machines.

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