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Industrial Packaging Supplies

Backed by 200 years of experience in packaging, held by our sales staff. Emjay Products understands what packaging supplies it takes to service an industry.
We are a leading supplier of packaging supplies for commercial and industry use. Our full range caters to various applications and needs in a factory, plant, or warehouse. So, you can find all the reliable products you need in our range, specialised to fulfill every stage of the process.

Find everything that you need for your industrial packaging at Emjay Products!

1. Tapes
2. Labels
3. Stretch Films
4. Silicones and Adhesives
5. Strapping and Accessories
6. Protective Packaging
7. Cardboard Products
8. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
9. Washroom Supplies
10. Poly Products
11. Packaging Machines And More!

The Latest in Innovation – Industrial Packaging Supplies
We have an innovative range of industrial packaging supplies, to assist the way you do business.
As an experienced supplier of industrial packaging, we understand the needs across various industries for good quality cartons, streamlining machinery, and protective packaging solutions.
At Emjay, we have our own range of packaging web tape. Choose from an acrylic packaging tape for basic hand or machine use. Hot melt packaging tape for hot or warmer temperatures. As well as rubber or freezer tape for cold or freezing temperatures.
Economical Pricing – Wholesale Packaging Supplies for Industry Use
When you are looking to get a great deal, almost nowhere is there better to look thanEmjay Products.
As a wholesaler, we provide incredibly competitive pricing for the quality products you buy.
Eco-Friendly Industrial Packaging Solutions
We have a number of environmentally friendly products in our range of industrial packaging supplies. Allowing you to achieve more sustainable business practices.

1. Eco Tape – Biodegradable packaging tape.
2. Recovery Enviro Bubble – Made using Green 15% Recycled Materials.
3. White Newspaper Paper – Made from 50% Recycled Materials.
4. Brown Kraft Wrapping Paper – Made from 50% Recycled Materials.
5. Corrugated Board – Recyclable and completely biodegradable.
6. Cardboard Cartons And More!

Professional and Helpful Staff – FREE Evaluation on your stretch wrap use
We at Emjay are proud to support local business with the way they wrap pallets.
If you are looking for more ways to cut costs, you can reach out to one of our specialists for a free site audit. One of our experts can come down to your site and evaluate the efficiency of the current stretch wrap and methods you are using. Afterwards we can suggest the ideal solution in our range of industrial packaging supplies to save you on costs on the process.
Wide Range of Products – For Basic and Specialised Usage
Throughout our wide range of industrial packaging solutions, Emjay supplies a lot of options to attain products tailored to a specific use.

Connect with us today! Get in touch with our sales specialists to get your industrial packaging solutions at a competitive cost. Call 1300 80 90 93 or email sales@emjayproducts.com.au.