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Eco Friendly Pkg Tape

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Eco Friendly Packing Tape

Emjay Products is a proud supplier of biodegradable tape in Australia.
Designed to break down naturally in the environment naturally in landfill ideal for sealing cartons.

The Importance of Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging has become an increasingly crucial product for E-commerce and businesses that deliver. More industries and businesses are packaging and delivering goods than ever before. Therefore, it is only simple for businesses, workers and consumers to want to reduce their impact on landfill with less waste by using more sustainable materials in packing.

So, say hello to one of the latest tools in sustainability: biodegradable packaging!

Biodegradable packaging has been specially made to break down into natural materials in the environment. At Emjay, our commitment to sustainable business practices remains a priority amongst our business. As an experienced supplier with over 200 years in packaging, we have looked far and wide to offer you some of the best options in biodegradable packaging.

Our environmentally friendly packaging tape has been designed to not only quickly and naturally break down in landfill. It is also photodegradable. Meaning it doesn’t need any special components to do so like dirt, it can break down via sunlight!

It is one of the leading biodegradable tapes in Australia!
Use it for:

Emjay’s Husky brand eco-friendly packing tape has a quiet unwind and is easy to use.

Learn More About Our Biodegradable Tape, Delivered Australia Wide

Our Eco Friendly Packaging Tape has been tested and awarded a food safe grade in EC 1935/2004. Making it a great packaging tape to use for packing food and food making items for restaurants, food factories, and retail.

Environmentally friendly packing tape uses a water based acrylic, backed by a combination of 70% calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and 30% nontoxic plastic. The calcium carbonate makes the tape soft and smooth to the touch. Improves dimensional stability and temperature resistance. As well as reducing the stickiness in the non-stick backing.

After use, the CaCO3 breaks down in landfill at the rate eggshells do and goes back into the ground. While the remaining 30% is made with an additive to attract micro-organisms. So that the plastic gets eaten and breakdowns to be instead converted to water, biomass and carbon dioxide. Materials which are harmless and natural, found everywhere in the environment.

Spread The Vision

Lastly, it’s printed with a message that lets other people know that the tape is biodegradable.
It helps encourage those receiving the packages to also get into using biodegradable packaging too!

Ask the Packaging Experts – Emjay Products

We have a collected 200 years of experience in the packaging industry amongst our sales staff. With our great team, we’re both happy and prepared to help you out.
If you have any questions or inquiries about our eco friendly packing tape, or other products and services feel free to get in touch! Let us also know if you are planning to buy in bulk, and we can offer you an attractive discount.
You can call us on 1300 8090 93 or send us an email on sales@emjayproducts.com.au.

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