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Protective packaging makes an excellent resource when you don’t want your goods to be damaged from jostling, moisture or temperature in transit. Emjay has a range of quality solutions including cold packaging, courier bags and air pillow packaging in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Competitive high-quality protective packaging

Cold packaging is ideal for temperature-controlled supply chains. Moving goods like pharmaceuticals, fresh produce, meats, fish, and ice cream. Emjay Products carry a complete range of cold packaging suitable for cold chain packaging to ensure that your goods can travel and arrive in perfect condition, at the right temperature.

We have the best elements like insulated boxes, insulated foil backed bubble, monitor marks, cartons, gel bricks-plain and bubble backed, foil insulated mailers, foil backed pallet covers and warning tapes and labels. As well as our own EMJAY made web freezer tape.

Courier bags or satchels are ideal for non-fragile item deliveries such as garments. Our quality EMJAY courier bags have a high slip surface inside for easy loading. With a tear resistant and tamper evident seal, to safeguard the integrity of your items and protect against damage.Lightweight and strong, for reduced postage costs. They can come tailored to your needs.

Air Pillow Packaging offers a lightweight, cost effective and low environmental impact solution to securing your items from rustling or impact during transit. You can easily pop air pillow packaging and dispose of it after use.

Wrapping applications

Bubble Wrap – A convenient cushioning material used to wrap around, bundle and protect items from shock and vibration during transit. Also used for void filling to stop items rattling around, reducing damage.

PE Foam – Polyethylene foam is commonly used for light duty wrapping applications. It’s great for vibration dampening and providing insulation. Chemical and moisture resistant.

Corrugated Cardboard – A recyclable, environmentally friendly, and completely biodegradable packaging wrap. Used for light duty wrapping applications. Corrugated cardboard has great resistance to vibration, impact and drop damage. Providing great cushioning, structural strength, and excellent rigidity to your goods. Delivering to metro Sydney and Melbourne only.

Kraft paper – A suitable wrap for lightweight posting.

Experts in Protective Packaging

We are the experts in adhesives, packing and protecting packaging, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. With our wide, quality range we are sure you’ll be able to find a protective packaging solution that you’re looking for – but if you require some assistance or recommendations, we’re only too happy to help. Contact one of our EMJAY locations in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane today.