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Wholesale Label Supply

When you are looking to print labels on demand, it helps to keep a stack of thermal direct or thermal transfer labels on hand.

At Emjay Products, we supply a range of quality thermal labels. Reliable, cost-effective, our wholesale labels make the perfect solution for commercial and industrial use.

Wholesale Labels for Great Value!
Emjay Products is a leading wholesale label supplier in Sydney.
We are a proud supporter for local business and industries. We provide a range of different options in size, dimensions, and quantity in our label rolls. As an experienced and trusted supplier, you can always rest assured of the quality in our wholesale supply of labels.

How are Thermal Labels Used?

It is important to have plain thermal labels on hand in your industry for many reasons. Thermal labels are greatly used to display important information such as barcode, address and shipping. Allowing you to stamp on necessary product or manufacturer’s information on products in the retail world.
At Emjay Products, we have the labelling solution in our wholesale labels to fulfill all your labelling requirements. Thermal direct and transfer labels both operate through heat, but it is important to understand how they differ to understand which is better to use.

Thermal Direct Labels
Emjay supplies thermal direct labels, ideal for fast and simple use.

These labels are often the go to for providing barcodes and product information. They have a shorter lifespan (6-12 months) in comparison to thermal transfer labels, but also are consequently cheaper. Thermal direct labels are made and designed with a special coating that activates with the heat of a printhead to print information.
They make a great option in simple applications for a controlled setting like through shipping, or in a retail store. While thermal direct doesn’t stand up well to heat and UV light, they work excellently well in cold and moist environments such as frozen or refrigerated goods. They are also often used for high turnover goods and application.

Thermal Transfer Labels
We supply thermal transfer labels, providing our customers long life and quality in their labels.

Unlike thermal direct labels, these labels are printed using a ribbon placed between the printhead and label. Ribbons are often made in resin, wax, or a combination of both. The result is a print of higher quality, that captures fine text and detail better! It also means that the printed text and content has a longer lifespan. However, it is important to note that on top of the ribbon necessary for printing, they cost more.
This is a desirable choice for labels that need to withstand harsher elements, such as abrasion, chemicals and solvents, moisture, and UV.

Thermal Direct Labels make the perfect wholesale labels for –

Thermal Transfer Labels make the perfect wholesale labels for –

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