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Prosil 40 Silicone


  • With a low gloss Finish Prosil 40 is perfect for joints and other applications where a gloss finish is not desired
  • Matt finish
  • Firm hardness once cured
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Will not corrode metals
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  • Glass, Aluminium, Galvanised steel, Concrete, Wood, Ceramics plastics, Stainless steel
  • Most powder coatings, Fibreglass, Steel, Zincalume, Floor Joints & Blockwork


  • PROSIL 40 is ideal in glazing applications where a matt finish is required:
  • General purpose glazing, colonial bars, and structural butt joints.
  • Suitable for expansion joints and saw cuts in concrete floors and blockwork.
  • Weather-sealing of high rise buildings, Installation of solar panels.
  • It is also often used in truck and caravan assembly due to its excellent adhesion.


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